Bir Tawil @ The Victoria Dalston Pub - Londra (Inghilterra)
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High Pit was born in London early in 2019 from a collaboration between Amedeo Scofone (Eat the Rabbit and Do Nascimiento) and Simne Donadni (Rainbow Island,Trans Upper Egypt).
Their music is a mixture of electronic, psychedelia and repetition of slow somehow melodic patterns. Most of their music is played live with no sampling involved, a blend of digital and analogic machines allows them to play their live set that everytime in a different way.
This first album is recorded live during a gig at Hidden Sounds record shop in London.
Bir Tawil:
Bir Tawil is a mediterranean electronic dirty desert blues duo from Sicilian multi-instrumentalists Carlo Natoli (based in London) and Dario De Filippo (based in France). Their music makes tenor guitars and distorted mandolas, modular live electronics, African and south Mediterranean percussions, filtered voices and found samples coexist in an unique narrative dimension, about new and old diasporas, making meanwhil “Thom Yorke and Rosa Balistreri dance in the desert dunes” (Sicilian Post). Their Debut album is “In Between” (FishBorn / IDDM 2022).

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